IT Security Consultancy

We provide IT Security and Compliance Consultancy services and guide our clients in achieving the higher information security and compliance levels in relation to industry regulations and best practices.

Our IT Security and Compliance Consultancy services include:

  • Development of Information Security Strategy, Policy & Framework
    Development of information security strategy is one of the key components of company's IT strategy management, linked to the client’s business strategy. Solutionlab is capable of developing information security strategy which helps to ensure the achievement of outstanding business objectives and gives an additional input into overall client’s business strategy.  Read more >>
  • Consultancy on compliance
    Historically the best IT security practices were combined into international standards like ISO 27001:2005 and it is common that companies tend to use these best practices in their work. Nowadays, in a lot of our clients are usually get recommended or even obliged to be in compliance with international or local information security standards by regulatory institutions.  Read more >>
  • IT Risk Assessment / Management
    IT Risk Assessment analyses and manages information related risks, as well as the underlying IT related risks, and it is essential in ensuring, that controls and expenditures are fully commensurate with the risks the clients organization is exposed to.  Read more >>
  • Technical security assessment
    Technical security assessments of clients critical IT systems and devices provides an indication of security level, detects possible threats and vulnerabilities (internal and external), identifies possibilities of loss or manipulation of critical data as well as the disruption in client’s software.  Read more >>
  • Documentation of Procedures and Processes
    Our consultants make all the necessary compliance documentation in order to get clear, effective and manageable information security system at a client site. We have positive references in developing documentation for client’s certification in ISO 20000, ISO 27001/ ISO 27005, PCI DSS, PA DSS, aiming for compliance to local or any other type requirements.
Clients & services
• BS/2 (Lithuania): preparation for ISO 27001 certification
• Ashburn International (Lithuania): preparation for PCI DSS certification
• Transact Pro (Latvia): preparation for PCI DSS certification. Implementation of simplified SMIS solution (for operational IT activities)
• Maxima (Lithuania): preparation for PCI DSS certification
• NewVision (Lithuania): preparation for PCI DSS certification
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Lithuania):  IT Security framework implementation based on local laws and regulations. Implementation of Compliance Manager solution