Development of Information Security Strategy, Policy & Framework

Development of information security strategy is one of the key components of company's IT strategy management, linked to the client’s business strategy. Solutionlab is capable of developing information security strategy which helps to ensure the achievement of outstanding business objectives and gives an additional input into overall client’s business strategy.

Well-designed information security strategy guarantees:
• high security level and effective security controls on IT resources;
• compliance to the internal/ external regulatory acts and the best practices;
• risk assessment which leads to minimization of possible impact on business by development of corresponding risk monitoring, management and risk reduction procedures;
• business continuity (BCM);
• growth of IT efficiency in business support.

Information security policy is a set of rules, procedures, practices and guidelines, used by client’s organization in its IT management activities. Generally, it is advised to have information security strategy and policy before implementing actual deeds in information security. We also recommend developing security strategy simultaneously with overall IT strategy as subsequently this allows to avoid costly changes in IT infrastructure.