About us
SOLUTIONLAB was established in 2007 and currently serves customers in Scandinavian countries, Eastern Europe and Middle Asia. SOLUTIONLAB’s headquarters are established in Lithuania with representatives in Denmark, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 
Historically our company specializes in two fields: 
• Microsoft SharePoint development and
 IT Process and Security consultancy
SOLUTIONLAB has core competencies in Microsoft SharePoint Development and has a high reputation in Danish and Baltic markets, where highly skilled professionals with practical experience deliver the best solutions to the clients. IT Process and Security consultancy services give customers deeper insight into IT process management and all stages of IT security and allow managing IT risks properly. Our services also help to be compliant with international and local IT security standards and regulations. Solutionlab focuses on the Scandinavian, Baltic and Eastern Europe markets and provide flexible and quality services for our valued customers.
Our Partners:
FortConsult A/S - IT Security Services - www.fortconsult.net
Risk365 - Risk Assessment and Management - www.risk365.net
ACI A/S - IT Compliance and Risk Management services - www.acias.dk
Contact us
UAB Solutionlab Production
Phone: +370 52 620370
Fax: +370 52 059550
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Address: Kareiviu str. 19 – 188,
09133 Vilnius, Lithuania