IT Risk Assessement and Management

IT Risk Assessment analyses and manages information related risks, as well as the underlying IT related risks, and it is essential in ensuring, that controls and expenditures are fully commensurate with the risks the clients organization is exposed to.

Risk Assessment is the major part of Risk Management that helps client’s organization to understand its perceived risks and any inherent risks that may be prevalent in its operating environment. It identifies external, internal, accidental and intentional threats, level of exposure to these vulnerabilities based threats, and after all determines the level of risk the organization is facing. As value added, a Risk Assessment is usually followed by risk mitigation (treatment) recommendations and implementation tools.

Risk assessment performed by Solutionlab includes:
• definition of risk assessment methodology;
• identification of critical IT assets;
• assessment of existing security risks level;
• identification of threats, vulnerabilities and bottlenecks in the information security management system;
• preparing risks treatment plan;
• evaluation of information security compliance level;
• recommendations on security improvement;
• development of software tools for risks assessment.

Risk assessment should be done regularly, because without proper evaluation of clients IT system threats and vulnerabilities, it is impossible to create and maintain an effective security strategy.